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Britain's Got Talent 2014: Teenage duo wow judges

Posted by Team FullStop on May 10, 2014 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)
Did you see Britains Got Talent this evening?! If you did then you will remember the teenage duo Bars and Melody who sung (and rapped) a song with a twist! The rap was made by one of the teens and was about anti-bullying. They got the Golden Button so were sent immediately to the next round. They were just outstanding! They gave me goosebumps... It was so inspirational! What did you guys think of their performance? Watch it here: David Walliams is just great isn't he?! Neve xx

New Booklet...

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Hello again, 

                        as some of you may know last year we created a booklet (P.S.E style) for year 5 and 6 pupils to complete at school. It included some of the biggest hate crimes and the issues srrounding them. Challenging the pupils veiws and how they think about the people around them, if you took part in this we would love some feedback! Following that sucess there will be a new booklet for this year being brought out on Anti-hate crime week. Follow us on facebook, like us on twitter and stay tuned for new updates.

Keep smiling, spread the love stop the hate

ACCEPT ME FOR WHO I AM - thankyou team full stop xx


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do a daily R.A.K (random act of kindness) and make someone smile! It can be as small as holding a door, giving them

a hug when they need one or just making them laugh... brighten somebodys day - R.A.K !!!

Website Update..!

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First off we apologise. It has been a long tme since our website has had a re-vamp. There are new links, along with a new page. Please enjoy, explore and we will be very greatful for any feedback. Thankyou Team Full Stop :D

Day One of anti-Hate Crime Week!

Posted by Team FullStop on November 11, 2013 at 3:10 AM Comments comments (0)
Anti hate crime week is finally here! To launch it we are going to do an assembly at Olympic Primary school. We are all excited and can't wait to see our PSHE booklets finally being used! Wish us luck :) Neve xx

Ayden's Law.

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Ayden Olson is a boy who, very unfortunately, committed suicide on the 14th March 2013 due to intense bullying. Ayden’s family knew that bullying had to stop, so they have started a petition to make bullying and intimidation a criminal offence. Not only will this petition make bullying an offence, but it will also: get justice for victims of bullying; support victims of bullying and their families; have interventions for children who bully others and increase community-based bullying prevention. We would like to ask you to sign the Ayden's Law petition to help all adolescence who are being bullied. Thank you.

Link to Ayden's Law petition:

One tragic example of Hate Crime...

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This article was posted on September 29th 2009


'An inquest has found that a woman killed herself and her severely disabled daughter "due to the stress and anxiety regarding her daughter's future, and ongoing anti-social behaviour."

Mencap has urged the government to take disability hate crime more seriously, and is calling for people to share their experiences, so that the true scale of the problem can be revealed.

The bodies of Fiona Pilkington, 38, and her daughter Francecca Hardwick, 18, were found in a Leicestershire lay-by in 2007. The jury at the inquest heard that Ms Pilkington had apparently poured a 10-litre can of petrol over the back seat of the car before setting it alight.

The family had suffered years of abuse from a gang of up to 16 youths. Despite a 300-yard exclusion zone for the gang, they reportedly threw stones, eggs and flour at the family home.

The jury criticised the police for not dealing with Ms Pilkington's repeated complaints about the gang, and highlighted lack of action by Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council and Leicestershire County Council.'


Many people do not understand the consequences of hate crime... This example is just so horrific. Hate crime needs to be stopped before anything like this happens again.




Finished logo!

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We have finished our logo! We were planning to go to town today as well to buy our t-shirts for the Waendel Walk, but unfortunately the typical English weather ruined it for us. Anyway, visit our 'Photos' page to view our finished logo!


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